We are here to introduce to you the J.U.I.C.E crew. 


JUICE is here cultivating lasting solutions that uphold the pillars of:


JUSTICE- We are continuing the work paved by previous civil rights activists to provide continuous justice for future generations.


UNITY- Bringing people together for a unified goal to bring an end to systemic racism.


INTEGRITY- The value we intend to hold our public leaders and justice system to, we live ourselves. 


COMMUNITY- Advancement of a self sufficient community. 


EQUALITY- We aim to achieve legal and systemic change addressing all discrimination against POC’s. We believe in creating a just society where people of color are treated with the same rights and opportunities as non people of color. 




Policing/Jailing- We demand reform in the way we fund, train, and review police. As well as the way we treat, sentence, and hold inmates.


Housing/Property- We demand easier access for black communities to own their own home and property. 


Healthcare- We demand quality healthcare that is affordable and comprised of workers who are trained to recognize and eliminate bias in the system


Education- We demand the implementation of black history and culture as well as the expansion of black educators and funded programs into the educational system.


J.U.I.C.E acknowledges we certainly do not include all of the voices of Portland and that our demands, promises and regards do not speak for everyone. We are one element of a larger, inclusive picture of what the people are demanding through peaceful revolution. We are here for the people, by the people.



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